2 questions about Sweet Annie

carinb(6b)March 28, 2008

For those who have worked with this plant and grown it before, I have 2 questions.

1). How good is it REALLY for wreath making? (Does it hold up well over time? Does it drop stuff on the floor?)

2). Once planted in the ground, how aggressively does it re-seed itself in following years?

I appreciate any advice you can give me. I would like to buy a wreath making machine in the late summer to extend my market season and wanted to know if this plant is a "must-have" for wreath making or not so much.


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Well I don't know about the wreath part but I can tell you it reseeded all over my garden the one year I had it. It was EVERYWHERE!!! So for me it was an aggressive reseeder!

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maplea(coast BC)

I grew sweet annie a couple of years ago, and the wreaths I made from it (mixed with statice) are fine--nothing dropping, but they do go completely brown. They look very nice though. I have had some reseeding, in my garden, but nothing that is out of control, and unmanageable. It is a good filler for wreaths, I found, as the plants are huge and productive , over 6'.

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Carin a better plant if you are looking for something for wreaths is Artemsia silver king. I quit growing sweet annie and only grow silver king for wreaths and dried bouquets. As a perennial it is hard to beat and is easy to harvest, also is great habitat for praying mantis, so becareful when harvesting.


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