dying indoor ferns.... how to save if possible

vermontlove(4)December 28, 2012

I received two unknown ferns from a friend, just basically ripped out of her fern tub. They were doing ok til I put them in the bathroom, where I thought they would enjoy the constant moisture from the daily shower. However, they dried right up and they may be dead. I watered them faithfully but I would like to know if ferns have good roots enough that they might spring back. Perhaps they were just too shocked at the transplant, but they seemed to do ok for a week or so, then quickly went downhill. One, the one with bigger leaves, dropped many of its leaves. Has anyone experienced this and had a fern come back to life? How did you do it? Thanks

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tropical_thought(San Francisco)

Maybe they have too much moisture? What kind of mix where they in? Ferns can be very fussy. When they go downhill, they probably won't come back. Where they outdoor plants to begin with? What type of ferns, and post a photo if you want.

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This is an old post, but I can grow ferns outdoors, but indoors, it doesn't fail, they dry up or get fungus gnats. I can't get the happy medium. They seem to need moist air and heat/ AC takes that out. I can't speak for your home, but mine isn't fern friendly obviously.

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