Containing Ostrich ferns?

smordDecember 30, 2009

Hi! I'm thinking of planting a big long row of ostrich ferns along my foundation and along an ugly chainlink fence in a shady, moist part of the yard. I will eventually want to plant perennials in front of the row along the fence, and lawn outside of that. However, I hear Ostrich ferns are quite invasive via underground runners.

WOuld it be possible to prevent them from spreading outside where I want them by sinking a board or other kind of barrier in front of the row? If so, how deep would it need to go to be effective? Also, I suspect I should put a barrier by the chain link fence so my neighbor's lawn doesnt get eaten by the ferns.




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That should work but what I do is when one appears that I don't need or want in that spot I dig it up and put it in a sad spot in the yard that needs something growing they shouldn't be a problem,the are what you make of them.

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