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phylrae(z5a/centralNYS)April 5, 2006


I wanted to know if you could give me a little more info on the Flowers to Go? What size plastic cups are your most popular? How much bigger than the X on the lid do you cut the hole (do you keep it an X or cut a circle?) And since we don't have a Costco locally, I wonder if they might be available elsewhere (I'm going to go to a local Sam's Club or BJs). Thanks. Hope you don't mind me trying the same thing on the east coast. :0) Phyl

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Noni Morrison

Phylrae, I use the 20 oz size I think, not sure since my hubby picks them up for me. They seems to be big enough for most bouquets. I cut the X out to the edge of the inner circle with a pr of scissors before I start filling them....atleast that is how far I cut them for juicy bulb flower stems. You could cut out the entire circle but that would take way more time. I tried burning a hole with a hot soldering iron but that was too messy and smelly. I should think that anykind of whole sale store that deals in large amounts of food service supplies would have the cups.

I don't mind at all! The idea is my gift to all you guys who keep answering my questions and giving me great ideas! For carrying the cups in the vcar my hubby made me some racks that work great! we got plastic boxes that are just a little bit shallower then the cups are tall. Then DH made a grid with 8 compartments out of light weight ceder 1 X 1, He used a couple of extra blocks to raise the grid up to the level about 2/3 up the side of the cup. Now I still have some spillage but it is nicely contained and easily poured back into the cups. I am having him make some 4-compartment dividers to fit the same boxes for carrying arranged bouquets to our customers. THe boxes came as a set of 4 with lids at Costco...I haven't a clue what I can use the lids for, LOL.

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Thanks so much for all your help! I WISH we had a Costco around here, but will try our nearby BJs and Sams Club. Maybe my husband can make me something like yours did for you! :0) Phyl

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