when to transplant plugs

spivey13(zone 4/5 IA)April 28, 2005

Good morning,

I have plugs to transplant, some 128, some 36 per tray, and am wondering when I can transplant them. I have mostly perennials now-achillea and scabiosa, but expect to receive annuals next week, all the 128 size. I've been keeping them in a 60 degree shop at night, and putting them outside for a couple hours, slowly building, each day? We're on the border of zone 4/5, and have had nights between 34 and 38 degrees this week, but the forecast looks like we'll be in the upper 30's and 40's by next week. Our last frost date, traditionally, is May 10th. Do I need to put them outside more? Lower the nighttime temp in the shop? Let them grow a bit more?

I know there is a lot of questions there--sorry about that. I have only grown plants from seed so far, directly seeded outside, as well as much bigger perennial transplants, so I'm nervous about making mistakes! Not that I can't garden and make mistakes--it goes with the territory. But as the saying goes--no mistakes, only happy accidents.

Thanks for any input. I've enjoyed reading this forum for a long time.

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The perennials can go outside now in our area ---you might get a tip or so nipped by frost but they should be fine. My perennials are arriving next week and they will go in right away.

I too have been a little hesitant to plant too much due to the cool night. Often they will survive but the growth seems to be delayed. I get better results with leaving some things in the greenhouse longer.

Right now --I have dianthus, snaps, salvia, craspedia, bells-of-ireland, and rudbeckia planted. If my painted tongue was little bigger-I'd have that in the ground.

Where are you in Iowa? Nice to see another Hawkeye here --even if I did transplant form Illinois!!


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spivey13(zone 4/5 IA)

Thank you for the info--
I won't worry about transplanting the rest of the 128's into bigger pots, and just plan on toughening them up this week, and planting next. The rest of my annuals/perennials arrive next week as well.
I'm about 15 miles outside of Iowa City--go Hawks! Only about 30 or so from Cedar Rapids, so a pretty central location. Are you in the area?
Thanks again for the info--it really helps to contact someone with local experience.

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Cathy -- I'm north of Davenport --so not too far away.


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susiq(NW AR 6B)

OOOOOH, Dear. TWO Cathys and BOTH are from Iowa and they spell their names the same? We are all going to be SO confused!

Welcome New Cathy, and Welcome Back, Long-time-member Cathy.

Didn't want to say "older" and get in trouble!

Happy Planting.

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Hey Susi!!

You can say old Cathy around me .... I got my AARP card!! Now I'll get carded again! Oh the shame of it all!

Well --I'm back to that wonderful patch of dandelions that I call my cutting garden!! I'm thinking chemicals might be the solution this year. I've NEVER seen this many!

Bye to all

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Jeanne_in_Idaho(z5 N.Idaho)

It's a MARVELOUS year for dandelions here, too!
At least longtime-member Cathy's forum name, clink, is easy to remember. New Cathy, please, please don't get one similar to it??!!!

Cathy-clink, does 'Bye to all' mean you're not coming back? I hope not! Your experience and knowledge are priceless.


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No Jeanne ---- I lurk at weird hours and don't seem to post much but I'm not going anywhere.

Except to that awful weed patch! I can't believe how bad they are -- I have a gal from Peoria, Il coming by in a few minutes to look at the gardens and how I do it -- I will be embarassed but this is life. I've been working steady for 7 hours and I see improvement but it may be only me!!

Clink (my very long time nickname --- well over 40 years!)

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spivey13(zone 4/5 IA)

I'm going to love this forum--I haven't been called "New Cathy" for at least 35 years! And my dandelions are under control at the moment, but judging by the yellow "alfalfa" field to the south, my time is limited.
Happy May Day, everyone--

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