Please Identify Coast Mushroom growing on oak.

sequoia_stiffy(9)December 25, 2008

Is this a species of oyster mushroom? It's been growing on the same branch, this time of year, year after year. Tree in question is a coast live oak, regional climate is coastal californian, with dry summers wet, cool winters.

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From what I can see, It appears to be a fall oyster mushroom, which is just plain old pleurotus ostreatus fruiting under fall conditions. Perhaps it is some localized variety of pleurotus or other subspecies, but it looks like the same pleurotus that we find here in the midwest. A mycologist might not be so quick to jump to the same conclusion that I do, but that's what it appears to be to me anyways. From what I understand, it's the exact same mushroom as the white summer variety but it takes on a richer color and flavor during the cooler months. If not sure of your id, take it to a local expert before eating.

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