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turkeytaker(Atlanta)December 28, 2008

I've been casually cultivating moss on our property for a couple of years. It's doing most of the work itself and slowly taking over the lawn, and it just hit me that I'm not entirely sure what we've got. Any assistance would be muchly appreciated! Are there any books or online resources that are recommended?

This guy just appeared about a year ago and has made pretty good progress in the sunnier areas of the lawn. I'm not sure whether it's actually a moss. When it's dry, it dries up a little, but it's immediately fluffy and green after a rain or heavy dew.

And then there's this guy. It appeared about two years ago and made short work of a lot of the lawn. It seems to prefer areas that get some shade during the day, but I've recently been finding it in sunnier spots. It did well during the summer when we had little rain.



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Since you are from Atlanta you may be able to id the mosses from the links that can be found at the Georgia Botanical Society thread on bryophytes that I constructed this year. There is a list of the mosses found there with links, when available, to other websites with images and other information. Check the link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Georgia Botanial Society-thread on bryophytes

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Great! Thanks so much -- off to read. :)

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milkweed2(zone 7)

I am in Greenville, SC and have some moss going that looks the same as the first pic. I think it is fern moss. I have cushion moss and a terrific type of low growing, green velvety sidewalk moss. I started collecting it from cracks in abandoned parking lots mostly because it seemed to tolerate shade and sun.
I'd like any info on the sidewalk type. It is easy to use in a walk, and so far staying alive, but not spreading.
Any suggestions or info?

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I think that "sidewalk moss" appreciates compacted soil and it might appreciate some lime (isn't that what leaches out of concrete?).

I also have both mosses shown above and would love to know their names.

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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

Its a nice looking moss!

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milkweed2(zone 7)

Has anyone tried to use thr buttermilk mixture with the sidewalk mosses? I am getting big stares when i get tiny bits of it from parking lots, and I wouldn't disturb property that was not mine.

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milkweed2, a friend took a chunk from my yard and used a buttermilk mixture on an old brick planter she has. It's been about three months, and you can see the little mossy legs appearing. In my yard, I just take the loose bits that the dog tears up running around and put them in a bare spot. :)

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milkweed2(zone 7)

Thanks. I am slowly adding to the garden. I have a new type in my own yard. I had not noticed because we have been in a drought. It is long and lacy, but straight strands, not like the fern type. My husband is going to die when he spots the small holes in his front lawn area. Moss is better! Lee

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