Moving lillies outside

stanc(5)April 3, 2009

I purchased some lillie bulbs from home depot about 3 weeks

ago and started them in some buld crates in my basement.

They have started growing and are about 4-5" tall now.

I have them under lights.

The ground outside is about 40 degrees using a soil thermometer.

Can I move outside?

Do I need to harden them off.

Do you have some other tips?

What about a cold frame?



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Stanc, go ahead and put them outside. They will be absolutely fine. No need for a cold frame. It is great to grow them in crates if you wish to, it saves room in the garden and makes the flowers really easy to harvest. Enjoy. Kat

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Mine in the garden are 3" high and that's with it been so cold yet. Unless you need them for a special event in May or June then you can put them outside instead of cold frame.

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