where to buy moss spores and material?

ozarkdreamsDecember 21, 2009

I've looked through pages of google with no luck, where can I find live plants or spores? I found one genus I was looking for, but otherwise I'm having trouble discovering any vendors with a large selection of mosses, particularly rare ones.

I'd love to grow more Lycopodium or Dawsonia species for example..


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There are no vendors with large selections of moss species to grow. Your best bet is to inventory everything you can find on the net. Also keep in mind that you can find mosses in nursery grown pots of regular flowering plants locally in some cases.
You may want to try to collect interested species on your own if they occur near you. Also you should check eBay as some mosses are offered off and on there.
Same with Lycopodium. Very few species can be found on the net for sale. eBay is your best bet with these.
Dawsonia! Far as I know it is not grown in this country even in any university greenhouse but ??? However, I have contacted a New Zealander to see if they can provide spores as spores can be sent international with no problem unless the species is CITES restricted on any plant material of the species. Will post or contact if I get a positive response.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Do you want temperate or tropical,terrestrial or epiphytic?? You can get specimen size lycopodium squarrosum from Gardinos.. If you can wade through the mess maybe Glass house works?? lol You could ask "world plants" to do a search for you. They found a couple of very rare plants for me. gary

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thanks for the help! i'll be checking back periodically, or pm me.

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