Pinching euphorbia marginata

misskitty_bloomingApril 26, 2006

Do you pinch this euphorbia? My plants are getting quite tall and they look like a plant that would benefit from being pinched but I dont want to lose anything. Thanks in advance.

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Can't answer re pinching but wanted to mention that some (maybe all?) members of Euphorbia family have a white sap which can cause bad skin rash, especially dangerous if you get it in your eyes or mouth. I'd use clippers, not fingers, and clean blades with alcohol afterwards. Just as a precaution. josh

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No pinching required.

The sap in euphorbia causes eye and skin reaction in sensitive individuals. Be sure to wear latex gloves when harvesting, and don't let the sap drip on your arm. We've had some pretty bad burns. And, keep your hands away from your face when working with this. You probably already know all this; but, it never hurts repeating.


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Thank you both. I shall use extra precautions come harvest times. Talking of dealing with the sap, which of the procedures do you use? I have read about searing, boiling and dipping in alcohol. Thanks again.

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Cut directly into plain water in the field. Transfer to hydrating solution before putting the buckets of euphorbia into the cooler. It must be properly hydrated for at least 12 hours before using in arrangements. Otherwise, it will wilt.


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Thanks Trish. Your method is far easier than the other choices.

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