Blue Fern Microsorum thailandicum

exoticrainforestDecember 13, 2006

Need help on Scientific Info for Microsorum thailandicum, a fern that grows on stone!


One of the most unusual ferns in existence is the cobalt blue Microsorum thailandicum from Thailand, Cambodia and other neighboring countries. This interesting fern grows in very dim light and can be found as an epiphyte growing on trees or a lithophyte growing on limestone. Dr. Thaweesakdi Boonkerd, one of the botanists who described the species, is associated with the Plants of Thailand Research Unit. I am seeking a copy of the published scientific description of this unusual blue fern, however all attempts to send email to the Plants of Thailand Research Unit as well as Dr. Boonkerd have failed. The description is apparently only available in Thai. If anyone who subscribes to this site is in contact with Dr. Boonkerd or the Plants of Thailand Research Unit I would appreciate any assistance possible in finding a copy of the scientific description of the fern in English. My current research on the unusual fern is posted on my website, The Exotic Rainforest, but I am attempting to locate more detailed information. Thanks! Steve Lucas

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gardenphotographer(Zone 5 WI)

Hi Steve,

I feel your pain. I don't have the answer for you, but I do have some suggestions. Most likely you already investigated this - but I'll suggest it anyways. Maybe it will give you a new path.

It appears that Dr. Boonkerd had a graduate student named Apirada Sathapattayanon. He wrote a thesis that is indexed below:

1. Apirada lists an email address for Dr. Boonkerd. See if that matches your records.

2. Apirada lists a ISDN number for his thesis. In theory, if you visit a big college library, the research libraian should be able to get the thesis (either electronically or by library loan).

3. Hopefully Apirada will describe Microsorum in his thesis, or give a literature reference, or give better contact information about how to reach Dr. Boonkerd.

4. Apirada lists (on his full item record) an address for Chulalongkorn University. Hand write the university a letter and see what happens.

5. Worst case, assuming time and money is no object to you, contact the US Consulate in Thailand and see if they are willing to establish a contact for you with the university. These consulate people can at least read and speak the native language and might be able to find someone english speaking at the university. If the contact at the university can find the document you seek, offer to pay the person to translate it into english.

Hope this helps.


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