Weed preventer on Lily's?

goshawker(z4WI)April 13, 2006

I was just wondering if it's o.k. to put something like Preen on the ground over my Lily's to help me with the weeding.


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honeybunny442(z6 TN)

Hopefully someone will post in, Steve! I was looking at the same stuff, we had terrible weed problems last summer. I'm renting the field so didn't want to wood chip mulch.

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Jeanne_in_Idaho(z5 N.Idaho)

Good luck to both of you. Really, I mean that, it isn't a sarcastic comment.

I learned the hard way not to plant lilies in ground that hadn't been mostly (or completely) weed-free for years. In addition to that, I top-dressed with an inch or two of compost every year, and it basically doubled as a mulch.

Lilies can be left in the ground for years, so applying a mulch could be quite cost-effective - unless, in Susan's case, you're not sure you'll be using that space for very long.


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heidi41(z5 Mass)

I have used Preen in my "landscape" beds around lilies for years. It doesn't seem to hurt them and it certainly helps with a lot of weeds. I just make sure that I don't sprinkle it directly on the plants.I truly am NOT a big advocate of using chemicals on my market gardens. I only use it on some of the perenial cutting beds and the landcape beds. I DON'T use it around the vegetable market gardens or anywhere near edible plants/herbs.

Last fall I planted 200 lilies in the field. Once they sprout(I'm starting to get nervous as they haven't done anything yet) I will put the Preen around them.

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