Hapu'u - Hawaiian Fern Tree - Cibotium menziesii

solo_voyagerDecember 18, 2013

I have recently moved from Alaska to Hawaii.
I now have a new toy, a tropical climate, partially landscaped, but let run wild one acre lot.
So, at various locations in my yard, I have a number of Hapu'u fern trees. One of them, the largest [~4-1/2' tall], is threatening to become an avenue of access to my roof by various critters. I would like to transplant it to another location setting it back as little as possible.
I've been told that I can just cut it off and stick it in the ground where ever I want it.
I find it hard to believe that that is the best way to accomplish the transplanting of one of these fern trees.
I'm open to knowledgeable suggestions.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

have no experiience with the hawaiian species but have moved Australian and Brazilian types with ease. I dig up as much root as possible much like you'd move any plant.
They really don't have a tap root so are easy to dig up at least the types I have. have never tried the method you describe . gary

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I also know nothing (sorry), but would agree with Gary. I also understand that the tree fern should be able to regenerate roots from that trunk, so that's what the guy that told you was going at. I'm sure it's more traumatic than the traditional method, but given that tree ferns probably grow like weeds for you now....

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