Horribly failed attempt at growing moss...what happened??

iluvbotany4life(Zone 5)December 11, 2009

I tried to start some moss growing by mixing the recommended ingredients of moss, buttermilk, sugar, and corn syrup in the blender. Well, the mixture turned out really runny and I wanted it to be more of a paste, so I added some flour to thicken it. Then I spread it over some dirt in a pot and covered that with saran wrap. I left it alone for about 2 weeks, and when I went back to check it, something was definetly growing, but it wasn't moss. A huge amount of white mold grew and covered the entire paste that I had applied to the dirt. There was also some patches of blue/green mold. I was astonished at how much mold grew in so little time. What did I do wrong and what caused all the mold?

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dirtmonkey(z8 OR)

Wow, that's quite a witch's brew you made there! The food ingredients are really only (possibly) helpful outdoors, with lots of fresh air and an existing natural fungus & bacteria balance. To start indoor moss, or in any closed container, I just chop it up and spread it out over a thin layer of ground-up peat or sphagnum moss, and keep it moist and bright. I've also used cheesecloth, brown paper, and bark chips. A very mild spritz of fertilizer helps, after you see new growth. No people food needed.


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I agree with dirtmonkey. Buttermilk is great for outside growth only but the rest is not needed. If one were growing moss outside; mix chopped moss with clay from the ground along with a little ground-up peat. Add water just enough to make it useable. Place this mixture over a rock or area and cover with cheese cloth. Tie in place with bonsai wire or cotton string. Lightly mist daily and insure it stays moist. Place in a semi shaded area and moss should sprout. There are many ways to grow moss. Air flow is important. Moss needs the air. The bark chip idea is also a great one. I use composted finely chopped pine bark. I then ground it after it is composted. Leaf mold is also great.

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