lilly of the valley

tessa74(8)April 17, 2007

Hi all, i think i may have made a mistake....k, here it goes.... yesterday, i planted some lilly of the valley roots in a brand new flower bed. then i put about 2-3 inches of mulch on top of them. question is... will they come up through the mulch or am i smothering them like i'm trying to smother stray grass and weeds? i just did this yesterday, so there's still time to save them if i did screw it up. help!!! jenn

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Noni Morrison

I think they will likely come right up through it, but you might want to brush some of it aside if you can easily over where they are planted. THe main thing for me seems to be making sure they do not dry out. IN a few years they will act as the mulch and no weed will find room to grow between them!

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Exactly! I am going to dig a bunch of the lillies of the Valley up...hope to give them away. Way too many.

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oh phooey, mine never came up. i think they just rotted and became very expensive fertilizer for the other plants there. oh well. i won't be doing those again :(

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