Fillers for arrangements/best cut flowers!

nicucoll(z6PA)April 22, 2005

I have been looking at different florist websites and would love to know what are some good "greenery"fillers for a cut arrangement...i am in the process of trying to re-do my garden and want some good greenery for vases,etc...thanks...I am new to gardening so hopefully these will be easy to care for plants...also what are some really good flowers (easy to grow) for newbies!!!

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If you will scroll down to page 2, there are threads on people's ideas of the best three fillers that they grow and on the best 5 (I think) flowers. It's a good place to start...Ann

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rosieo(7 NC)

I whacked off some cilantro flowers and stuck them in a vase with some zinnias. They were really pretty, smelled good, AND they've lasted for nearly two weeks so far. In fact they outlasted the zinnias so I put them in with some fresh ones. DH saw them and said, "Nice, is that baby's breath?" So, I planted more cilantro!

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sgiesler(USDA 5)

cilantro, huh? I figure if a man notices and says, "nice!", it is worth looking into at least. Is cilantro easy to grow? I am pretty sure I have had cilantro seeds but never actually tried to grow any. I tend to buy seeds that I never end up planting (although I do plant lots just not as many as I buy). Although the cilantro may have found me when my Mother passed away. Oh well, with such a great endorsement, I am now willing to plant some. Shirley

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