Length of time from cutting to small shrub

lindsaygApril 2, 2010


Does anyone know the length of time it would take to get a cutting, for example an azalea, or spiraea to a shrub size? (gallon size) I am doing an experiment and am in need of a time line!! Thank you!!


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flower_farmer(5/6 MI)

That's the information you would ascertain from your experiment. If we supplied the information, then it wouldn't be considered an experiment. Right? Unless you're wanting to use an existing theory. A good experiment usually tests an hypothesis which basically adds support to the original hypothesis. Therefore, I guess you are correct in asking this question. Did I not just talk in a riddle. I'm really good at that.

One suggestion I have is that a gallon size wouldn't be considered shrub size.

Aren't you glad you asked? Oh, wait. I have an idea. Go to your nearest Home Depot and pose this question to an employee in their garden department.

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maplea(coast BC)

It depends what you are growing. If you take a cutting of an azalea or rhodo in september, I would put it into a one gallon, the next spring, and then by the following june or july, it would be a nice sized one gallon. That's about 22 months?
Some things grown quicker... hydrangea, azara,choisya, cedars...and some things are slower.]Variables such as fertilizer and zone you are growing in will affect the rate of growth.
Good luck on your experiment. I hope this info helps.

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