Transplanting Citrus Trees

spockvr6(Zone 9/10)September 30, 2005


I have a couple of smaller sized citrus trees (Ruby Red Grapefruit and Tangelo) in my yard that Id like to move to another area. They were small when I bought them and have been in the ground roughly 3 years. At this point, they are maybe 5 ft tall and have roughly 2" diameter trunks.

How hard might these be to successfully transplant? Based on another small citrus tree I dug up in the past, I know the roots probably extend out quite a bit by this time on even these small trees. I wont possibly be able to get all the long roots when I dig these trees up (probably no more than maybe a 2 foot root ball as otherwise I will tear up too much of my lawn).

In this scenario, and in general, what are my chances of successfully transplanting these trees?


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5 ft tall 2" diameter trunks 2 foot root ball, Your going to need some top pruning..I would say 30/70 maybe less 10/90

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spockvr6(Zone 9/10)

What do you mean by 30/70 or 10/90?

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Suggest rate 30-10 in your favor 90-70 against. Relocating a tree that size with a 2 foot root ball
Is going to take a big hit on the tree, I feel a 30-10 chance of making it would be in your favor a 90-70 is against you

A tree of that size in relocating is not all that great with a 2 foot root ball

You will need to top prune, because you would not have the root mass

Your best time would be in the early spring, before the growth begins

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Transplanting is best done in Florida right about now . This will give the tree several months to go dormant with leaf growth but continue to grow new roots . The tree will be in the ground 6 months or more by the time our brutal heat hits in May . Water frequently and cross your fingers .
Why not try it ? If you lose the tree you can always purchase another one . Try posting this question on the Florida Forum .

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I want to transplant an orange tree 30 yards away. tree is 7 feet tall and 6 years old. also i want to transplant angrapefruit tree that is 4 feet high and 6 years old. When do I transplant and how much do I cut back on the tree? thanks Jesse weller

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