Sun Gold Double Perennial Sunflower?

butterflylion(7bGA)May 31, 2007

This description is from the Park Seed website. Is this different from the Sungold Sunflower seed some places have for sale?

"Big Fluffy Blooms for Late Summer and Fall . . . and it's a Perennial!

Cut it back as it's growing and you'll never have to stake it!

Never mind those tall, creaky annual Sunflowers that need fences and ropes to hold them up -- Sun Gold is a PERENNIAL variety you will enjoy season after season, with masses of giant, double-flowered blooms in late summer and fall on a plant so bushy and dense you could almost use it as a hedge! If you haven't discovered the joy of perennial Sunflowers, let Sun Gold usher your garden into a whole new realm of beauty!

The blooms are 5 inches across and nearly as deep, with masses of fluffy golden-yellow petals vying for attention. Instead of arising on thick stalks, they pop up all over this well-branched plant, particularly if you cut the young plant back twice as it's growing -- once when it's about 15 inches high, and again at 30 inches. You'll never need to stake or support it if you prune it this way the first year, and your reward will be season after season of glorious color!"

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Here's a link with a photo from Park's website.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sunflower Sun Gold

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