There are tulips, and then there are TULIPS

Fundybayfarm(z5westernN.S.)May 18, 2006

Hey Everyone,

I'm sure you are all getting sick of reading tulip posts, but I need to ask those of you who sell your tulips to please help me with a pricing question.

I actually have the local florist interested in some of my tall Darwins, 20-22" stems (the ones that didn't have the problem with spots) Up here, the floral supply company doesn't sell these types of tulips, they have to import them from Holland. The ones they sell are from Ontario, and they have 14" stems, and are sold for $8.25 a bunch. I didn't know this until after I sold mine to the florist, my fault for not checking, but have been trying to build a relationship with this lady based on trust since she says the supplier up the valley is too expensive, and she doesn't order from them. The tall tulips from Holland are 16.95 a bunch. Just wondering what you all are able to get for yours. I know areas varry and that I can't go by prices out west or even US prices, but if I can get a general idea it would be helpful. I was thinking along the line of 12.00 for 10 stems. Does this sound reasonable? Thanks for your help, and I promise, no more questions about tulips!


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Thanks for your response, I talked to the florist this morning, and she doesn't want to pay over 8.00 a bunch, and doesn't care about stem length on those because the things she does with tulips don't require the extra stem length. I find sometimes there just isn't enough imagination around here, but it's been a learning experience. If that's the case, I won't spend the extra money on the bulbs with the long stems, or just use those in my subscriptions. The banks are renewing their subscriptions this year, and Ive got to find the time to try and sell more. I do admit that if you're making bouquets in vases, that these tulips are so tall (even with my tallest vase) that they still droop over the top. I like that look, but maybe not everyone does. Anyway, I wish I were getting 20.00 a bunch, that would make it very much worth while.

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I basically set my price on what I know my stuff is worth regardless of the wholesalers.

No let me explain first. This has to do with florsit only. At a farmers market is different. Second you really do need to know what the wholesalers are charging as a baseline. But you should charge more. The reason why is the fact that yours is fresh from the grower, deliveried to your door and in my case no pesticides, herdicides etc.

SOme florists you want as an account some you don't. They want it cheap and don't care about the product.

This is what I do. I general meet them in the winter give them my card etc. Then as the season progresses I bring a sample etc and talk price. I usually knock them out with my sample. Hey it's fressh cut.

Now other florist will only want a small amount etc. and it's just not worth your time. I'm honest with them about this too.

Anways I hope this helps,

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Oh Dear,
I just started selling some flowers, today I sold 65 tulips for 27.50. I didn't check pricing, just had extra after Easter, Geeee you think maybe I was taken advantage of??

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Yes, that was a good deal. How much did you pay for your bulbs, and was this the first time they've bloomed? Tim gave very good advice on the subject, and if I weren't in such a rural area, with the florists so far apart, I would take his suggestions.
We all have these learning experiences, don't feel bad.

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I read this article weeks ago then went out on a limb I asked $1.50, a stem for my Darwin tulips. I sell bouquets at a local natural food store (actually it was my very first week, which happened to be the beginning of spring break) and it was the first time I'd grown tulips for cutting, why not I grow everything else. So I put 6 great big log stemmed ones in a bouquet and priced them at $8.95. I figured that was resonable I looked at the ones at Fred Meyers, 5 for 3.99, spots on leaves and short and the ones at costco 10 for 8.95, short stemmed, spots on leaves and some petals. Mine were long 20" or so and no spots anywhere gorgous so I sold them all. Unfortunelty, about 100+ the leaves when they were coming up were eaten by the deer (didn't know they'd do that) now they will get bird netting over them next year, but I still sold them for a much lower price 50 cents a stem (no leaves).

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All bout,
I have problems with deer every year, and had problems this year even with fnece around them. Not sure if they could just still reach them from the bottom, or something else did the damage. So I went out and threw a row cover over them. When they get a bit taller, I'll take that off, and hopefully they won't be bothered at that point. Porcupines like them too. I actually caught one in the act last year. It sounds like you had a great place to sell your flowers, congradulations on both the quality product and the price you got.

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