Meyer lemon help

ralph31558(z8GA)September 23, 2012

I have bought at least 5 meyer lemon trees since i have been living in southeast Ga. I purchased them either from catalogs or nurseries, they look great when i got them,most had lots of flowers and looked real healthy and mostly in a container, I always wanted to transplant into a larger container, or put them in the ground, but soon after the transplanted they started to loose their leaves and drop whatever flowers they had produced, soon after that they died, this has happened time after time. Do i leave the tree in its original container, and just make shure it does not dry up? What can do?

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Photos always help; and because they lose all their leaves does not necessarily mean they are dead.

The Meyer tends to be quite sensitve to significant light changes; it may drop most or all its leaves, only to replace them with new leaves better suited to the new light.
If you change the container (transplant shock); and change the light conditions at the same time you have double jeopardy. My advice would be to leave it in the original container 2-3 weeks, until it adjusts to its new location; if it drops its leaves, leave it until it starts to grow again before transplanting.

Watering is critical also; if you over water a Meyer it will drop its leaves; if you let it get too dry and then water, it will drop its leaves. The good news is it will recover from all of these.

A caveat... when you transplant, do not fertilize for at least 2 weeks; the absence of fertility encourages the roots to grow in search of food; after the roots grow then the leaves and branches will grow, and they need food.

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That is the key John, they MAY drop all their leaves. I have finally been able to make mine hold on to all their leaves with your advice and taking temps into consideration too.

I found that Meyer trees subjected to extreme temps changes also may drop their leaves. Worse then Ficus and we know how sensitive they can be. That is why I try to acclimate them to the temps they are going to be subjected too indoors as well as outdoors.

I appreciate what you have to say about Meyer trees. Thank you.


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Thank you very much for sharing.

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