meyer lemon, key lime, and blood orange tree.

blue72September 23, 2012

hello everybody. i live in detroit and i have a lemon, lime, blood orange, and wash navel orange tree when should i bring them in the house. temp been 70-60 and been like 50-40 at night.

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I only know about the Meyer; but I would start now the process. Because the Meyer is sensitive to light changes, you should move it from full sun to partial sun; then after 2 weeks, move it to full shade; then 2 more weeks and you can move it indoors. If you do that and the reverse when you put it outside in the Spring, you should avoid the leaf drop that is so common with Meyers. I think your other trees are less sensitive to light; but I don't know for sure.

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At this time of the year up here it the light has a much less effect if you are going to put in into a sunny window as it would of three weeks ago when the sun was much more intense.
It's the temps I would be concerned about. If you plan on bringing them into a house environment that warm, the sooner you bring them in the better.

Right now mine are still outside and get full sun. But if I brought them in right now, they had better go into a room that has been just as cool as outside, or all my trees will react in a negative way.
That is why I either remove them from the full sun by Labor day as John suggested and then bring them into a warm area before it gets this cold, or leave them out and bring them into a room at almost the same temps as outside with all windows opened in a room set aside for them..


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