My purchase from Rich's Foxwillow Pine Nursery

mary4b(4b WI)April 25, 2014

Thanks, folks, I do believe I'm an addict. When I walked into Rich's Foxwillow Pines Nursery on Weds morning, I phoned my sister to let her know that I was "in trouble". The amount of beauty and selection was staggering. The fact that so much is planted in the ground, growing naturally in a wooded setting, all mixed up in sizes and shapes, just creates such a wonderful place for discovery. Awesome place. (Thank you again, Ken!)
I did not know how much I like Pinus. I was most drawn to the parvifloras and I plan to go back and get a few...with the trailer.

For my first visit, I bought two Sylvestris Aurea' shrub and one tree. They are both "Nirbeth's" which I'm sure you'rea all familir with the "not a legitimate name" thing. I have to go pick up the shrub, as it's pretty big. But this little cutie, I did bring home. I have like TEN places I could put it, so that obviously means I will be needing more conifers.

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wannabeGardnr(7 Maryland)


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looks good, I was at rich's place last Friday, a little too early because they had 2 trailers they were unloading, I did manage to pick up a magnolia tripetala (you have to see their specimen tree when it is bloom!), and a pinus parviflora 'kin-po', got to ride on the golf cart with Susie as an extra bonus, if you have'nt already make sure you check out their Norway sprue 'virgata' that's by the road when you go back, my favorite


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

i have never been there ... sounds like a utopia ...

especially for someone who was looking for hosta.. lol ..

my aurea has much more longer needles.. consistent with a regular sylvestrus ... i am confused by your pic.. in that regard ... especially with whatever you are trying to say about Nirbeth's

i presume that is a pic siting.. rather than a permanent siting ...


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whaas_5a(5A SE WI)

Every Wisconsinite should go there at least once and its tough not to pick up a plant or two.

Once you fully indulge yourself you'll want to consider mail order. Rich's is unfortunately only for the rich. Some of the 3 gallon and 6 gallon price points are ok but beyond that it tough to support conifer addition

For example Picea pungens Walnut Glenn, 3 gallon at $77. Yep lets do that.

Pinus banksiana âÂÂSchoodic 3 gallon for $110. Hell no. I'm going to Dan's Dwarf conifers and getting a 2 gallon for $30.

Nice pick up on the plant. Mine for some reason was a dull yellow all winter and then in late March when the soil thawed, it turned a really nice gold.

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P. parviflora 'Fukai', a 2011 purchase from Rich's Foxwillow Pine Nursery (it was about $100 in a 3 gallon container, as I recall). I candle pruned it in 2012 and will do so again this year.

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mary4b(4b WI)

Thank you for the responses, sorry not to respond earlier...I actually did a long response and then hit the windows button on keyboard (or some button) and lost everything. Then I was out of time to re-type. the magnolia tripetala that huge tree they have along the walk not too far from main building and near some pots on a set of "bleechers". I saw a huge magnolia that had branches looking like a buck's horns gone long and wild. Susie showed me some "sticks" in pots that were available of that tree, but I didn't catch the name because I didn't want anything I had to wait that long for.

Ken, regarding the "Nirbeth's" tag says the following: "Pinus Sylvestris Nirbeth's Aurea ....not a legitimate name" It really made me laugh...why would something be labeled as "not a legitimate name" rather than putting the legitimate name on there. I guess the legit name is Aurea Nisbet, according to Coniferjoy here on the threads. Rich's had quite a few different shapes/sizes, the Aurea's (with no Nisbet) seem to have longer needles. Yeah, and the window pic is not the site for it, just wanted to enjoy it from window until planted.

Wassercom, LOVE the Fukai! They had some large Fukai in the ground and I fell in love with the parvifloras more than anything else. They had a huge amount of cultivars to choose from....I want to go in that golfcart and look in the field for one, like Coniferapprentice got to do. I had my eye on a 12 foot Cleary, but we'll see. Have to take the trailer.

Whaas, yeah, the prices sort of make you gulp. I want to mix a few special purchases with some carefully selected "standard nursery cultivars" and as many bargains that I can find, to create a place I enjoy. I don't think I quite consider myself a "collector", I just like to learn from all of you collectors, cuz you know your stuff! I am of simple means and don't live extravagantly, so I'm not opposed to writing the check on a special tree if I really want one.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

at some point in time.. it was no longer acceptable to use latin as a cultivar name.. that is the part.. usually in quotes ... as in

Pinus Sylvestris 'Nirbeth's Aurea'

2 thumbs up.. for rich actually noting that on the tag ...

the aurea means a yellow plant ... so calling nirbeths yellow plant 'yellow' .. is redundant..and repetitive ... go figure on that ... but i doubt that is the reason for the nomenclature rule...

whatever joy said the current name is.. that is probably it ....

so what ... you know what it is ... and its not just plain aurea.. as you typed originally ... to my eye.. the needles are shorter ... and it follows that it probably has a dwarf annual growth rate.. as compared to the aurea ....

and thats why your pic looked odd to me ... as i was confused as to why rich would sell such a specimen as that as an aurea ...

still having fun?? .. making plans to go back for a few more to plant in fall ... lol ...


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mary, yes the large magnolia is by the walk across from the bleechers, my 4 year old told his mom that poppa gotta a "stick" when I showed her the 1 gallon pot, lol, they use the golf cart to shuttle you around the nursery, but if your looking for a large tree they have most of those on their farm that is down the road


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