Kumquat tree leaf problems

amanda_is(5)September 16, 2013

My Kumquat tree's leaves are all getting quite yellow. They've always been a lighter green, but recently it has gotten to the point where they are all yellowing and a couple have turned light brown and fell off. I also have a few tangerine trees and those all have dark green leaves and look fine other than I've been fighting spider mites on them, but they are separated from my Kumquat tree. My Kumquat tree is in a plant window so it gets a great deal of sun. It is also in gritty mix so I am wondering if it is not getting enough nutrients. I fertilize every time I water, but I just dump it on and I'm wondering if I should be soaking it in a big bucket or something instead? Also on 2 of the leaves there is an interesting looking brown spot and I am not sure what that is from. It has quite a few flower buds on it, so that is exciting, but I don't want it to keep going down hill leaf wise. I tried attaching all 3 of my pictures, but I think only one will work so I can post more afterwards. If you have any suggestions for me please let me know. :)

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Another picture.

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One last picture.

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Amanda, I'm no expert so you may want to do more research before you act on my suggestion. Other posters here have been guided toward supplementing with a little epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) when the yellow in the leaf made the green portion around the veins look like a christmas tree. Your last photo looks like that to me. I understand the yellowing is caused by a magnesium defficiency and the epsom salt will solve the defficency. Just don't overdo the epsom salt!

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