Poppy Source?

queenbee_1(7)May 22, 2010

I would love to plant some Oriental Poppies. Do you know of any good sources for seeds? What are your favorite variety? Thanks..QB

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Hi queenbee, I have just placed an order with the One Stop Poppy Shoppe, they seem to have a great selection of seeds. The other option, which I am also going to do, is to go to the houses where I have seen magnificent poppies growing and ask if I can harvest some seed heads come fall. I find that folks are, for the most part, very willing to share. Hey, you never know until you ask, and they are free. Good Luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: One Stop Poppy Shoppe

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Thank you Kat, I also found Eden Brothers in GA. I will be ordering from both to see which one I like the best. I would love to be able to harvest from others but I don't see them very often here in NC.. I saw a some beauties last yr at a tour.. but the lady was clearly not parting w/ any of her seeds.. She was nice but was giving lots of excuses to other people..I didn't even ask.. Maybe next yr. I will have some to share...LOL

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teresa_b(z6 MO)

I have tried growing Oriental Poppies from seed for many years and have found that sowing them into an outdoor bed does not work for me. I tried winter sowing last year and had great luck with that method. Mine are blooming right now from a sowing in January 2009 into a disposable aluminum cake pan. I purchased seed from GeoSeed and Thompson & Morgan.


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I bought 4 colors from One Stop Poppy Shop . This is my first time ever trying to grow Poppies.. I started them from seed back when I received them in April. Put them in the refrigerator for one day then sprinkled them on the ground the next day. We actually still had frost on the ground, which I guess is good to start these off. So far looks like I have the seeds from the red I ordered coming up like crazy, I will have to thin them out. I don't see anything coming from the blue I ordered or the Red/White expensive one I ordered. I also have white and I think I see just a couple little seedlings starting. I hope thats what they are.. I would reorder from One Stop Poppy as I wouldn't necessarily think it was there fault that two varieties look like they did not germinate.

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