Noni MorrisonMay 5, 2005

OK, folks, what's the secret? I have had msierable luck with weigelia and I Have 5 colors of it coming into bloom including white for a wedding tomorrow. How do you post- treat it after cutting so the flowers don't turn brown? (I know, I Should have asked this a few days ago) Do the flowers have to be fully open, just opening or does it make a difference? I am assuming I should cut into warm water with flower food.

Anyone tried cutting wisteria on the vines? I have a gorgeous white perfumed one that I would like to twine brances of up a bare tree for the wedding. (Mine needs serious pruning anyhow!)

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sharonsgarden(zone 7)

I have a pink one. I had never cut it before this year. So, I cut two branches; one had two open, the other had 1/2 or more open. I just cut them into water and split the stems on the end. The one that only had a few florets open is looking great. The other one looks like it's on it's last legs. I did not use any preservatives at all in either one.

I have a white one, too, and will try the same thing with it. Hopefully, I will have the same results.

I have never cut wisteria, so no help there.


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Noni Morrison


I did cut the white weigelia with open flowers into warm treated water and they held up grea tthis time including being hauled in a pickup for 3 miles- (kept under 20 mph!) to the wedding. THe Wisteria lost a lot of its flowers in handling but stil had enough to twine gloriously and smell heavenly!

I have discovered that weigelia needs the flowers mostly open to hold up. So treating it as I do my other woodies worked this time. Perhaps the earlier times when I had such failures with it were when it was not open yet or too mature when cut. The white does tend to turn brown within about 3 days so not terribly good for sales but fine for a wedding. Will use more of it this weekend. NOt my deep pink is in full bloom.

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