Cutting Zinnia's to vase

Lady9May 13, 2014

I have a few basic questions that I could not find information about Zinnia's. I'm not positive on the variety I have.

Can you cut a flower with a off shoot with an unbloomed flower on it and vase it? Will it bloom in a vase?

If I cut Zinnia's to place in a vase, where do I cut? How far up from the soil do I cut? I see that my Zinnia's are pretty much singular stalks with maybe a small shoot with one that is getting ready to bloom. I could only find clear information on dead-heading them but not cutting them to vase. Can someone please give me some clear instructions? I'm very new and nervous about cutting what seems to be the whole section of the plant!

Thank you!

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Bumping this up! I'd love to know the answer, too!

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Well most of my zinnias have off shoots or areas where there looks like another growth shoot would form out and grow another flower out. I cut mine off about two leafs sets down or to where you would see a new set of leaf shoots coming off the stem, because you should probably get new flowers from that point. If you only have a single stem zinnia, I would say cut down stem to leave two sets at the very least one set of leaves left on the plant to see if it branches and buds out from there. If you find u have a short variety, say cut and come again, every time you cut your flowers, you should get more flowers and get shoots coming off the plant for more flowers. Hope this helps?

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