My lime started dropping leaves

IustinSeptember 17, 2013

I bought the lime in August this year from Greece. I kept it on the balcony until the outside temperature dropped below 17 degrees C / 62.6 F. My room faces south-west but there is a tall building across the street so the room doesn't get much sunlight, only in the morning and evening. I have placed my lime on the window sill about 5 days ago. Yesterday and today it started to drop some leaves, say about 15. Most of its leaves are 1" wide and 1.5" long. The lime is looking healthy, all of its leaves are medium-dark green, not dried or curled, except some leaves that start pointing down, getting loose and then falling off. The leaves that fell off look normal but the petioles must have remained on the lime.

Is it something that I should be worried about or is it just accomodating? Thanks in advance.

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sounds pretty normal but you might want to consider geting a light over it just to help in the transition. if the amount of time spent with sun in that window is the same as the amount of time sun hits the balcony then it should be fine, but i like to add the light for the added benifits even in a sunny window as direct sun outside and direct sun in a window are diffrent... so ive herd

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