Don't Got the Blues......But Need 'Em

harveyspookaMay 6, 2007

Hi Everyone. I read here every day and find tons of very good information in the archives. This will be my second season selling flowers at our local Farmers' Market. I have been approached by a friend who owns a nursery to supply her with fresh cut flowers as she would like to try selling them. She is in a fantastic location that gets tons of traffic and I have been present in her nursery on more than one occasion when a customer comes in and asks whether she sells fresh cut bouquets. This is a great opportunity for me and I want to do it up right. She has been very specific regarding what she wants and I feel I can accommodate her needs.

Here's the clincher.....she wants red, white and blue bouquets to stock for July 4th and Labor day sales. My problem is finding blue flowers that make good cuts. I've spent some time researching on the web and found plenty of blues but I don't find info regarding whether or not they make good cuts.

Can you suggest something for me? Also, what flower food is best to use and/or include with these bouquets?

Thank you for any help you can give.


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Bachelors Buttons make good cuts (cornflowers). Have some in my cutting garden but they are still tiny seedlings.

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HarveysPooka, I like Campanula(2nd), Cornflower (7th), Delpinium (1st), Echinpos(3rd), Larkspur (6th), Statice (4th), and Veronica (5th)


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I sold simple red/white/blue bouquets July 4 weekend last year. I used Blue Horison ageratum with anything red and used white filler. I put a piece of red (with gold trim) ribbon on the vase and sold the 20 bouquets I had and could have sold more. I charged $7 in the sleeve and $9 with vase. I am looking forward to doing the same this year. Good luck!

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moonblooms(z8 AL)

Do you have access to hydrangeas? We use blue hydrangeas, red and white zinnias. If you could find some inexpensive flags to tuck in, that would be cute too. We even had some boquets with bottle rockets in them one time.

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Salvia farinacae (Blue Bedder or Victoria) is excellent cut. Am not sure if you will have them bloom for 4th of July. Depends on your location and whether you have hoop house, etc.

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