timing is everything question

triple_b(BC 5b)January 21, 2008

I am planning on entering a dahlia or a few at our local fall fair this year. Partly for fun and partly because you get a free pass to the fair which is getting very expensive to go to otherwise. SOOOO....

How do I time which blossom to coddle and nurture and generally give extra TLC to in order for it to be in prime condition and perfect form for show time? How many days/weeks in advance should I pick out the 'chosen one'? What do I look for? Any other insider tips (or if you tell me then you'd have to kill me?)

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In my area, to show at local fall fairs, most charge a membership or exhibitor fee, then you get the pass. They get the money one way or the other. You should find out what classes are offered (size, type, single or triple). With miniature dahlias, timing isn't so important. They give lots of blooms. The most important item for you to know, is how to pick the winning bloom, how to display it, and have it in the right class. Do another post with the classes, and then maybe someone can offer the names of dahlias that would be appropriate for you to grow.

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triple_b(BC 5b)

the exhibitor fee is in place of course but it is still less than the admission and it is for the entire event, all 5 days (Rodeo included). As for picking my winner(s) I believe the entrance forms come out in June or so. I'll be back...(sez Aaaahhhnald)

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