A few more photos..

kmickleson(z9 CA)May 31, 2005

Here's a few more. The link below will lead to various albums of my garden etc for those interested. Karen

Here is a link that might be useful: Karen's garden & various photos

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OK Karen, keep this up and you're gonna owe me a keyboard. You do know that drooling all over it isn't good don't you? Ha! So pretty it makes my eyes water. I went and looked at your roses too. I guess the pairing of you and the CA climate make for a perfect pairing! Too beautiful for words. BTW, the next time I see a post of yours I'm gonna grab a towel before I read it....:)


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kmickleson(z9 CA)

I'm bumping this up, in case recent folk looking at the long post of flower bouquets would like to see these, too.


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RobRoyOH5(z5 OH)

Karen, those are amazing! What an inspiration! How do you get the flowers to drape over the rims of your containers? Are you using foam or any special mechanics?

Thanks, Roberta

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kmickleson(z9 CA)

Hi, Roberta. No, I don't use anything but my hands, fiddling with 'em! Glad you enjoy them.

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Absolutely beautiful photos, Karen -- all of them. What kind of logs is your arbor made of? We've wanted to build a gazebo on the river side of our home, but just haven't been able to afford it. I like your arbor better than a gazebo -- and there's a chance we could find the materials right here on our property.


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kmickleson(z9 CA)

Teresa, glad you like my rustic gazebo. It took a bit of dogged searching to find the logs. At first I was actually considering having a guy on the east coast send me some--that shows you how nuts I get when I'm determined!! All that's available in local supply places is cut wood. See the link below for a wonderful rustic garden structures inspiration journey. The couple who run it are absolute dears.

Then I came upon a local outfit called Old Growth Again, which clears out the floor of redwood forests to promote forest health, and got the guy to sell me the small logs. I'm sure if you're in Washington, you could easily harvest some indigenous wood from which to make a structure--or, if not, find some locally.

Have fun,

Here is a link that might be useful: Rustic Garden Structures

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