Thoughts on Rosella and Rosamunde

davidinsfJanuary 18, 2013

Store bought each last year. One (which I think is/was Rosamunde according to my planting notes) never did much of anything. Sprouted grudgingly, never got higher than 2 feet, few leaves and no blooms. Rosella (?) bloomed a few pink blooms of about 4-5 inches but on a very low bush (3 feet MAYBE) but generally was also underwhelming as a dahlia.

My ? is anyone know if Rosella is a true dinnerplate? The info on the web says it is a dinnerplate with 8-10" flowers. Mine were not even half that.

It is possible they were mismarked and neither is what I thought I bought. It's possible my notes were wrong and Rosella was really Rosamunde. It's possible aliens descended on my yard in early summer and switched my dahlias around. I'm at a loss as to which one is which and of course why neither grew - but that is for me to figure out of course.

But does anyone have experience with either or both? I was under the impression that Rosamunde was a tall bush but cannot document that now. I know where I planted them that I THOUGHT they were both tall but I neither want or wanted a dinnerplate of that color, so I think I just got hosed by the box store and both are mismarked.

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if I had a dime for every time I have heard of "mis-marked" dahlias from big box stores. The sad thing is, those Dutch growers are rolling in cash by selling to Wal-mart, home depot, etc etc...

I would highly suggest checking out U.S. grown dahlias listed in the Colorado Dahlia society "Big List" (if you haven't already). On that site you'll see links to most U.S. dahlia suppliers. You will also see a link to the Dahlia Gold list. That's a good place to start to look for reliable varieties. The "dinnerplate" varieties are the AA or A sized ones.

Here is a link that might be useful: The Big List

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My Rosella from a box store is the same as yours, half the size.

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Thanks to both of you. Collie - that is exactly what I needed to hear. It (maybe) wasn't something I did to it to cause it to grow so small.

Honnat - thanks also for the reply. I grow close to 100 dahlias now and have ordered from maybe 8-10 different AMERICAN vendors over the years. In all honesty, many of them have never sprouted or bloomed (maybe 25%) so I don't see USA growers being that much better. More accurate yes but not necessarily fool-proof bloomers.

And the reason I even fall for the box store varieties is because you can plant them right now! As it is, unless I want to pay extra, the 15 tubers i ordered this year won't arrive until early to mid April and some of my dahlias start blooming in May, so I hate to plant in late April or even early May. Hence, the box stores blues!

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