'Pink Floyd' and 'Le Baron'

misslucindaJanuary 8, 2008

Based upon a friends urging that I order early, I made a number of hasty purchases which don't go with my color scheme. I've also checked my tubers and have found that I have about a gazillion "Babylon Bronze" tubers - a most beautiful, prolific Melon-colored dinnerplate formal decorative.

Anyone thee have extra Floyds and Barons which they would swap for BBronze? Poochella....?


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No but my birthday is the 9 of December.

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triple_b(BC 5b)

HAHA! Good one Viking!!

I ordered the dahlias that 'blew my hair back' (as in: whatever blows your hair back) but they don't really go together. I am in a community plot so hopefully I don't make my fellow gardeners nauseous by the color clash.
I have Wheels coming and Honka and a big white one and Pennsgift (Always wanted to grow a great big 'un). Lavender pink does NOT go next to the bright reds and yellow of the other two. I am growing cutting flowers so I will have to space the dahlias far apart and put in some annuals to help the color transition along, if that is possible.

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Dahlias never clash- I've done lots of bouquets with oranges, pinks, reds etc all in together & they all look great. Was at a wedding this year where the bride chose orange, red & purple & they all went together very well. If your fellow gardeners complain just tell them they're behind times & you're on the cutting edge of the newest fashions in color!!

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I agree. Dahlias never clash. I am doing hot, hot, hot colors this year. I was always a pink person before so people will be surprised. Can't wait and hope I don't have white fly this year!

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Hi ML, Let me have a look ...I think I grew le Baron last year (I don't dig my tubers up) I will do some digging and see if there is anything there...occasionally I loose one here or there! If you can wait a little bit till its not to frosty....by the way I am in Canada ...How are they about shipping to the U.S. (which is where I gather you are)

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Hi Jan--

Sure, no one ships until March and that's only with special insulating wrapping--I think the norm is April. Please stay in touch after you go through your babys. My Babylon Bronze's are really a great cutting flower, a prolific grower and over-winters well (which is why I have so many!). Not aware of any problem in shipping from Canada to New York.

BTW I agree that it's hard to find a dahlia bouquet combination which clashes despite colors which leap and spin round the color wheel. However, I obstinately keep putting many of my dahlias in a long mixed border which runs in front of the house and main entrance and color consistency there matters to me--at least.


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ML Sounds great! If there is one there in March-April you can have it! And yes I would LOVE to try your babylon bronze since I only grow them for cutting (and my own enjoyment of course) If there are any other varieties you are looking for let me know!

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You have to get an agri. inspection & a Phytosanitory Certificate to ship from Canada to the US & the other way,too. Otherwise they'll just confiscate the pkg at the border & destroy it.

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Poochella(7 WA)

Miss Lucinda, Sorry, I only got two tubers off Le Baron and need to keep them. Keep up the search though, it's worth it!

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Well, thanks for the info dahliagardener. Rats.


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