I'm so done with these.....

buckster(z8)May 4, 2005

That's it...

I've tried for 5 years now with ranncula's and this is it. I'm so tired of buying th corms, bulbs what ever they are to get 10-20 flowers. Same thing with orregeno and to a lesser extend tulips. But hey I can't give up tulips. All these I grow for fun. Oh and might as well though dahlia in the group too. I don't know what it is with them either.

I think I'll just stick to the roses, lavender, and lilacs. The lilacs have been a huge success this year. So much so I've planted 500 and got 150 more on the way with more ordered"maybe".

On another note it is SO funny to take to florist and others I sell to, to see there reaction to a guy whose 6' 200 lbs comeing in with buckets of flowers!!! There like "U did this?" hehehehhe. Then you should see there mouth drop when I tell em I'm a firemen who runs crews on brush fires. Sometimes with 14 inmates. There like "no way" heheheh.

Anyways if anyone can think of anything like lilacs to grow let me know. I need something thats a perrinal, fragrant and luv's the heat of So. cal. I was thinking of vibernum but I don't think it's fragrant. I need uncommon and neat.

Has anyone heard of kangaroo claw?

Let me know.

God bless all,

The Buckster

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Buckster I don't have the best luck with them either - now anemones on the other hand are non-stop performers in my yard - they last much longer than the 'nuculas.

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Noni Morrison

some viburnums are among the most fragrant flowers I know! Better check into this, Buckster! Not sure about their climates but seems if you can grow lilacs you should be able to do the viburnums. I use a lot of "Spring BOuquet" early in th year (Lovely rose colored buds pop to spicey white clusters. Also , if the clusters are not picked they form metalic blue berries! I Also use a lot of Viburnum Botnansense (Sp?) Dawn very early in the year. I have a tea viburnum growing that has beautiful clusters of orange berries. And of course there are snowballs though they don't have a noticable scent. For scent try Korean Spice viburnum, Mohawk, Juddii, etc. ForestFarm has a lot of different viburnums...something for everyone I think . I Am trying to collect as many as possible,LOL. Another one I Am growing is "Blue Muffin" but it is not up to harvest size yet. ON my scale I get only one of each but really enjoy them. Most have gorgeous fall foliage too.

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I don't know if it can handle your heat but Phil Buckleys Mock Orange is an awesome flowering shrub. It is incredibly fragerant and has beautiful double white flowers. I also grow the Snowball Viburnums, they have a nice fragarance and the snowball flowers are really cool. I also have the Wentworth Viburnums for the berries(cranberry bush). I'm trying a new viburnum for the berries this year as well, it's called Blue Muffin. Run a Google search and check out the berries on it, they are really cool. I just added that to my shrub order, I now have 2,200 shrubs coming next week.

Which Lilacs are you selling. I've got Sensation, Miss Kim, common Purple, Monge purple, Wedgewood Blue, Beauty of Moscow and WonderBlue. None of them are old enough to produce very much yet, but in five years the smell will be intoxicating here.

Good Luck,


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bigcat_10(Z10 Sunset 24)

Buckster -
... did you mean kangaroo paw? Anigozanthos... Native to Australia...very striking in arrangements - red, red-green, yellow or pink fuzzy flowers that look like paws (slightly)

Hope that helps -

Here is a link that might be useful: San Marcos Anigozanthos

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flowers4u(z6 OR)

Hey - Buckster - where do you get your lilacs? How big are they? I ordered some off ebay last year and it will be years before I get some to cut! I'd like to add more!
I have Miss Kim and a blue one, some baby yellow ones and the common purple and white.

You might also try bridal wreath spirea and forsythia and the hybrid varieties of scotch broom (beautiful lemon yellow or pink, and not the kind that makes people sneeze!)

Thanks, Wendy

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Jeanne_in_Idaho(z5 N.Idaho)

I grew some Kangaroo Paws in my coastal northern California garden. They were very unhappy, wanted more sun and heat than our foggy summers could supply. They could possibly be a gold mine for you. They are definitely different and striking, although the individual flower heads aren't big enough to be what I consider a main event.


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Belgianpup(Wa/Zone 7b)

Anigozanthos is very susceptible to frost, although some varieties are used as annuals.


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Howdy all,

First off thanks for the info. all.

Liz and Steve thanks a ton.

Big Cat, yep thats it. I'm looking for a black type also.

Flowers I dig most of mine up from old fields or get it from friends. If you do want to buy liners the best place I know is in Mass. it's called syringa plus. They sell alot of types I don't have. The promblem is then you have to wait 5 years for flowers. There is a guy that is in Or. whose number I just got, I can e mail it to u if you want.

I'm mainly into big ticket items that I can get into and get out of with minimal time. Thats why I'm trying to hit perrenials so hard. Things that are easy.

Well Happy Mothers day all

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