Anyone have extra dahlia tubers?

duke_in_CAJanuary 29, 2013

Hi there! I recently moved and have much more gardening space to work with. I wish I had something for trade to offer, but at this point I don't. Would anyone happen to have extra tubers they'd be willing to send my way, just south of San Francisco? I will at least provide you with pictures of any dahlias you send happily growing in the backyard. Thanks for reading!

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what city are you in?

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I'm in Brisbane, just south of SF. I have a couple tubers I'd also be willing to share for an exchange. What do you think?

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I MIGHT have some tubers to give you. I'm in the process of digging and planting now so I'll see if any of the tubers I remove have eyes and/or are starting a stalk.

I have over 90 dahlias now so more tubers I do not need but you will be welcome to any extras I have, since I just throw them out now. I also work in Millbrae so perhaps you could pick them up if I have any extras. I should know in the next few weeks.


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Hi David,

Thanks! If it works out that you end up having extras, that would be awesome! I'd be able to easily come to Millbrae, if that ends up working out.

My email is:

We can contact this way, if it's ok with you, to exchange numbers or to determine a meeting place.

Many thanks!


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Hi David,

I am interested in Dahlia tubers. I had bought few tubers last year and I didn't realize that I need to dig them up to save them. I have left them in the ground. I have to wait and see, whether they come or not.

I live in charlotte, NC. I don't mind paying you shipping charges.

my email id


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Hi Bunti

first, the good news. You do NOT have to necessarily dig up your dahlias to save them. I rarely dig mine up at all and if so, only because they get 'reedy' or I am giving some tubers away, like to Duke. Most dahlias do fine when left in the ground.

The bad news is I do not have time to get into digging and dividing and packaging and shipping. That's why I asked Duke where he lived - so he could pick them up if he wanted.

There are others here who trade and will ship but I do not. I apologize but with long lines in San Francisco at the post offices, I just don't have the time to ship tubers.

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