Calamondin In Shade of Pecan Tree

johnorangeSeptember 18, 2013

This tree is a bit of a frustration to me because I didn't think it would do very well here, it's fruiting like crazy, the fruit are almost too sour to eat, and it's outgrowing other trees I thought would do well. How come this couldn't happen to me with something like a mandrian??

It's funny you can see a thin area near the top 1/3 of the tree where one season didn't produce many lateral branches. My two-story porch and house is to the right (west) of the tree so it gets shaded after around 4:00 and it only gets partial sun during the day under the pecan tree. I took this photo at noon. Of course the pecan only has leaves probably from April through October, but I'm still amazed this crazy tree is thriving here. Are calamondins unique or should I consider all of the space around this pecan prime citrus real estate?

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Steve, Micro (6B ground, 5B roof)

You could try top grafting it with a mandarin

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Calamondin is one of the easiest citrus to grow; it produces almost the whole year; and YES, it is sour. In fact the primary use of calamondin in the world is as a "lemon"

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poncirusguy, I would like to try grafting sometime. I hope I live to a fully ripe old age, else I will never get around to all of the things I want to do some day :>)

Johnmerr, I'm glad we have folks like you to grow true lemons so we don't have to depend on calamondins. I'm glad to have a healthy calamondin tree but man I love lemons!

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