Are these bulbs salvageable ?

andre_7(7 Canada, 5 USA)January 5, 2013

I dug up the bulbs many weeks ago and forgot about them. I found them this morning and wonder whether I am wasting my time storing them given that they have not been very well treated after digging. They are a bit shrivelled.

Other concerns:

I tried to find the eyes but cannot detect any. Does anyone detect any in the not too clear photo!

I am concerned about washing them because we are leaving home (until mid-April) and they may not dry before storage. If they are not fully dry, will they rot? (I have Sulphur powder and will dust them with it). My intention is to store them in a ziplock bag.

There are no places in my house that are kept below 50C...The attic hovers around that temperature however. Is that a problem?

Apologies for the numerous questions. Thank you..

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I can see viable eyes in the picture. Stem has rotted down to crown where eyes are located. Do not wash tuber clumps and if you are not experienced at dividing clumps, do not do so as they will store better whole. Place entire clump into a plastic bag, one per bag, to keep the moisture level as it is now. Do not add any water or wash clumps. They are bit dry looking but in a plastic bage they will not loose any more moisture. Store anywhere where it will not freeze, even if that area is a bit warm.

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andre_7(7 Canada, 5 USA)

Will do. Thank you.

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