against the winter: a talk on Dahlia trials: Fergus Garrett

linaria_gwJanuary 2, 2014

Hi there,
by accident I came across this guy. He is head gardener of the British garden Great Dixter, designed by the late owner Christopher Lloyd.

And, a section of my perennial`s association have invited him to give a talk here in Switzerland, in 2 weeks time, yey.

So, when researching him and the garden, I found this talk on youtube. I didn`t get exactly where he held it.

He focuses on Dahlias in a mixed border, it is not an actual film, just the talk and some pics,

but if you are blue because of the winter, perhaps it is fun to listen to his observations.

So, a happy new year and a good season 2014 to you all, bye, Lin

Here is a link that might be useful: Dahlia talk by Fergus Garrett

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Lin, thanks for posting this! I watched/listened to most of the thirty-five minute presentation while my furnace was being repaired.

Wish the poster of the 'video' had asked to use his slides, as it was frustrating to not see what he was talking about. For those not wanting to watch but want the general ideas, this is what I got out of it...

-Look for dahlia varieties that have constant flowers with blooms above the foliage (many competition varieties do not make good garden varieties)
-when pairing dahlias with other garden plants, blend lacy leaves with broad leaves, light with dark, pastel with vivid colors

Anyone else got another good pointer from the presentation to share here?

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flipping through youtube, I came across that snippet of film.

Is at least 12 years old, when the tropical garden (that Fergus Garrett talks about, they use the Dahlias for that spot) is in its third season and Christopher Lloyd still alive.


Still need to listen through that talk again and take notes about plant combinations.

take care, bye, Lin

Here is a link that might be useful: garden for which Dahlias are used: Great Dixter

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