Lemon Tree Leaves Curling

bb49(4)September 10, 2006

I have a lemon tree that I started from a seed that was in a lemon from the grocery store. I do not have any idea what kind of lemon tree it is. Its leaves are green, but they curl downward. I fertilized it about a month or so ago with Expert Gardener All Purpose Water Soluble Plant Food 15-30-15. I have been letting the soil dry out before I water it. The leaves are green with a few of the leaf tips turning brown. My question is what could be causing the leaves to curl? I have looked through all of the posts on citrus trees, but cannot find an answer to this problem. Please help and may God bless you and your's! Thank you for your help in this matter.

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BB, there are many reasons leaves curl..from underwatering, to overwatering, overfeeding, to too much sun and insects.
What type of light is your plant getting? Did you change anything before this happened? What type of soil are you using? YOu mentioned you allow soil to dry out, but does the entire plant's soil dry out first?
What about fertilizing..did you follow container directions? You didn't add more than recommended right? Please supply more info..Toni

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It is getting direct morning sun in our bay window. No I did not change anything before this happened. I am using Miracle Grow soil. Yes the plant's soil dried out. I have it planted in a planter in the house. I followed the fertilizer container directions. No, I did not add more fertilizer than the recommended amount. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. Thank you for your help.

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bencelest(z9 CA)

This is just a guess so take it like a grain of salt.
You said 'I have been letting the soil dry out before I water it. The leaves are green with a few of the leaf tips turning brown.'
It could be just you let the soil dry out too much, so water moreoften. The soil must be moist always but not soakingly wet.
As for the leaf tips turning brown it could be a pH problem and lack of Magnesium. Maybe too acid of a soil. As it happened to me recently. 2 days ago I noticed my Trovita's leaf tips were turning yellow.I tested the soil and it read 4.2. So I got me a dolomite lime and mixed them with the soil hoping for the best. The dolomite lime has a Magnesium mixed in it so I am solving 2 problems at the same time.

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