Picture of my 'Dancy' tangerine tree.

Andrew ScottSeptember 24, 2010

Sorry this has taken so long for me to post. I got this tree sometime around early September. I got it as a replacement for my Owari satsuma mandarin that I bought. Thanks to this forum, I had someone ID the problem and I was able to ID it and get a replacement for it. I wanted another Owari but when I got to the nursery they only had one Owari left and it looked dreadfull. Also, the pest/disease that was ID on my tree was found on several other trees at the nursery! The disturbing fact for me was that the guy who was helping me had never heard of it before and also the fact that the trees that were spotted as having the same problem were not taken right out and thrown away! Hopefully they disposed of the trees later that day. I would hate tothink that someone got a sick tree like I did. I was not at all imprseed with 90% of the trees that were 4ft and under. They all had yellowing leaves and the shapes were bad. Overall, they appeared to be neglected. A good portion of the trees were Monrovia which is a good brand name and they looked like crap. Even the larger leaves on my 'Dancy' were yellowing. I thouroughly inspected every inch of the tree before bringing it home and the guy at the nursery gave it a good dose of iron and some systemic solution as a preventative. My tree has come a long way since bringing it home. I picked up a bottle of liquid iron at the hursery and sprayed it twice and as you can see in the picture, the leaves have greened up and I have not lost any leaves or fruits. I counted 16 fruits and lost 3 since I brought it home. I can't wait to be able to eat the fruits.


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yaslan(8 WA state)

Andrew, I don't think you attached a pic (or at least I can't see one). But you did send the pic of your newest addition to moi, so I know it's a really nice looking and healthy citrus. ( :

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Andrew Scott

Sorry everyone. I cpied the link for my pic but didn't copy it here. LOL! Can any say ol age! Anyhow here it is. I just went outdoors to check on my tropicals. Yesterday are temps here in my area were around 90! Todya it isn't even 60! I hate this weather, and to make matters worse we had 45 mile an hour winds. I walked out side to my large Dwarf Singapore plumeria laying on its side, thank god no damage! Also my keylime was blown over which really surprised me considering how heavy it is!
Anhyow, I am really pleased with the 'Dancy' tangerine tree. I really didn't want this, it wasn't first choice but things work out the way there supposed to! This tree is also trained into a standard which I never really was crazy about but it does have a nice full shape, and I can always let the branches grown in! Enjoy the pic. This time I actually posted it!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Andrew Scott

I am hoping to revive this post. I know I killed it when I said that I posted a picture of it and then it wasn't there. LOL! Anyhow, this picture demonsrates how FP, White vinegar and liquid iron can really bring a tree back from an almost certain death. When I got this tree, the leaves for the majority were all yellow. Not as bad as the Owari satsuma that I replaced it with. I still cannot believe that this tree was an even exchange! I cannot wait to eat these fruits!

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Hey, Andrew!
Nice tree! It looks to be recovering quite well.


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Looks like its coming right along. Your opening post would have been much more readable if you had broken that large paragraph into three or four smaller paragraphs.

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Here you go Andrew...I thought I would post it directly on here for you so we can see it right away! Its beautiful!! Love the baby tangerines on there. You have some delicious fruits coming shortly...lucky you! Enjoy them!

Andrew's Dancy Tangerine tree....

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