'Christ in the Manger' plant

angiec(6 NE TN)November 11, 2008

Hello again from NE Tenn. I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this plant or not.

I am a dog groomer and one of my clients gave me a piece of her plant she calls "Christ in the Manger" last year. It was growing great for a long time, but I moved and the leaves turned brown at the end & dried up, but just on the ends. It now has these long, skinny shoots with what looks like roots coming out of them all over the pot. Does this mean I need to re-pot it into something bigger? I hate to lose this plant, but at least I know where to get another one if I do. ;) It came from a plant my client has had for almost 25 years and hers is HUGE.


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I know that some people refer to Epiphyllum oxypetalum (Night Blooming Cereus or Dutchman's Pipe) as christ in the manger. You can look around and see if the pictures online match your plant.

Unfortunately, I don't grow these, and can't offer any advice on the care. One thing I will ask is if when you moved, the plant ended up in a much sunnier location. If so, it may have been sunburned...

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gardenbear1(6 Ma.)

joscience, I think your right about it being a Oxy,this plant has been giving so many names its hard to keep up them.I grow Oxy and love the look when they get tall,are the roots coming out of the pot or off the plant? if off the plant there air roots mine get then when I keep them to long with out water they don't hurt the plant,if the rootd are coming out of the pot then it should be repotted,leaves turned brown at the end & dried up, but just on the ends. it sounds like its getting to much sun or its near heat and drying it out try moving it away for the sun or heat, try misting them it might help to keep the green and stop the drying out, I mist mine every morning, this all so helps keep the dust off the plant, I'm posting a pic of my 2yr old pot of cuttings in hopes it helps you ID your plant. these plants are easy to grow and care for.


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angiec(6 NE TN)

Thanks Bear,
That's looks to be exactly what mine is. The roots are coming off the leaves, not out of the pot, so I'll start misting it. I moved it from the room I had it, into another room and it seems to be doing better, I didn't have it in the sun, just indirect sunlight, but the room it was in is rather warm. Thanks so much for the information. It doesn't seem to be drying out anymore, but there are still small areas on the ends where it was dried on the ends, should I just leave that or cut the brown ends off?


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gardenbear1(6 Ma.)

Angie, I would cut off any dry ends just to make it look better and it may send new shoots of the cut ends, your Oxy will in time get very big and needs lots of room to grow, I keep mine top off (6ft) so I can move out to the shade house in the summer plus it gives me cuttings for new plants.enjoy your Oxy and in time you will have lots of blooms. here a pic. from the last spring I love the flower and staying up half the nigh waiting for it bloom is worth it


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Thanks , now I know the name as well. My label has been lost. Norma

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Nice Bear,

What a great shot, how lovely!

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