sunbright supreme sunflowers are too short

rita2004(8)May 2, 2005

My question is what am I doing wrong with them that they get only 18-20" and bloom. I am growing in composted beds and they have plenty of water. I thought they would get at least 4'tall. Help!!!!!!!!!! Another comment about Peach Passion. They look like little scrubs to me. They are planted right next to other sunflowers that are 5-7' tall. Do they need something extra? Has anyone had luck growing pretty peach passion sunflowers and if you did what did you do? I like the color and would like to be able to grow them. Would appreciate any growing advise. Thanks and please send rain to our area of Texas.


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sherri1(z7 TX)

My experience w/the sunbright series is that they are not day length neutral. They're supposed to be-but I have not found them to be so. Because of this, they have a tendency to "bolt" during shorter day conditons-spring and fall. Later plantings of this variety will likely do well for you. Last fall I found extra fertilizer helped keep some of my less day length neutral suns from bolting, so you might try poring on the fertilizer. So far I have found eversun and superior sunset to be the best day length neutral suns.

No advise on peach passion-I had the same disappointing experience w/them last yr.

Believe me-I'm hoping for rain too!!!


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Thanks Sherri, I think this might be the answer because I can't figure why they are so short and blooming. I am growing superior sunset and they are just great. Another two varieties I am having good sucess with is Full Sun and Pro Cut Orange. These are good florist tall varieties but I am looking for that just right bouquet type and havn't had perfect sucess yet. Thanks


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ddunbar(z5 IN)

I tried Peach Passion last year and they were a flop here, too. Sounds like this variety was developed and tested for a microclimate.

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