What type of Dahlia is this?

gr8heather(6b)January 9, 2013

I got this in a mix at Costco last year, and I just love it! I'm not sure of the variety though. In the early summer, it was pink, and later on, it had this orange yellow color. I am wondering if I should take it out of it's winter storage and try to propagate some cuttings. I only have 2 tubers of this variety, and I've never tried taking cuttings of dahlias before, but I have been very successful with roses. How hard is it to propagate dahlias via cutting? How long does it take for them to form a tuber?

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This is the same dahlia, earlier last summer.

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The first one looks like Lady Darlene.

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Noni Morrison

I would say, definitely Lady Darlene. I haven't had much experience with making cuttings but that's on my slate to learn this year. I think I have been told that Lady Darlene is a hard one to get tubers from...ordered it once and none of that person's LD's Provided good tubers when it was time to fill orders. That has kind of made me shy away from it, much as i Love the appearance of it! We need to learn to grow "pot tubers".

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Nice! Looking it up, I think you guys are right. Would it hurt my tubers to start them growing in a windowsill now, and try to get cuttings off of them? What do I do with the tubers once I have taken the cuttings, should I try to make them go back into dormancy, or let them grow in the window until it is time to plant them outside?

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