Question re transplanting Bupleurum

kitkat_oregon(7)June 18, 2010

Hi there good growers, due to a whacky spring my Bupleurum (the spelling looks really weird, so forgive if its wrong) has really only just started to develop true leaves and the germination has been really spotty, can I transplant the thinnings from the thickest patches or will they drop dead? Would this be a fruitless and pointless exercise? Thanks for any advice. Kat

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thinman(Z5 MI)

Kat, I am a lousy at growing bupleurum. This year I seeded my usual row in April and tried starting 20 in peat pots. At the moment I have two survivors from the peat pot transplants plus one full grown plant that apparently resulted when a stray April seed fetched up against a daisy plant and nestled in there. (Is there such a thing as a nurse plant?)

Still, three plants is three more than I usually get!

So I'm thinking transplanting is likely to be really iffy for you, but I'd be encouraged to hear that it worked if you give it a try.


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Hey thinman, sorry for tardy response, my computer is a dinosaur and so has a really hard time processing my posts.

This plant seems to be a fair pain for alot of people. I tried the thinning, and got my heart broken, so dont try this at home! As to your question regarding nurse plants, absolutely, I believe in them. My rudbekia have nursed a verbascum, a weed verbascum, for a long time now without my seeing it until yesterday and the thing was 18 inches tall!!! Sneaky, eh?

Are you a proponent of peat pots in general? I have really bad success with these things, I find that my plants get spiral roots and dont get to their full height, what am I doing wrong?


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thinman(Z5 MI)

No, I don't use peat pots much at all. They were a what-have-I-got-to-lose method this year. I'd like to know how to really start bupleurum right. I think that part of my problem may be that I plant them so early that I just sort of lose focus after a month or so of seeing nothing, and then they just dry out.


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