Jung Seed

ebsterJanuary 13, 2007


I am thinking about ordering some dahlias for my

mother (she got into dahlias last year). Jung

Seed has some nice collections (dinner plate and

du tone), and I was wondering

if anyone has any experience w/ their tubers.


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Hi Ebster, Google, Wynne's Dahlias. Steve in Baltimore County

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Thank you Steve for your info. I checked Wynne's Dahlias'
website but did not see any package info. Are their
Dahlias better in terms of stronger stem, longer
lasting flower, etc.?

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plantlady2(NW Washington)

It's always better to order from a dahlia specialist- there are a lot of them out there & Wynne's is one of them. You get better service, a guarantee that the tubers will green up & grow & most of them throw in an extra or two for you to try. Remember-- you get what you pay for- the big companies that sell a lot of different stuff can't specialize & their stuff just isn't as good as the specialists- besides-- always be wary of a company that calls AA & A sized dahlias "Dinnerplates" --any company that still calls them "dinnerplates" just doesn't know dahlias.

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I don't disagree with what the other posters have said. HOWEVER, many of the people who are not really in to dahlias and just grow a few (me a year or 2 ago), still call the big dahlias DINNERPLATES, so that may be why the Jung catalog continues to call them that, as well. I ordered from them and got nice dahlia tubers that grew well and bloomed their fool heads off last year. This year I will probably order from a dahlia supplier mostly because the selection at Jung is fairly limited, and I'm hoping that the tubers that I have from last year will winter over and I'll have all the varities that they offer that I was interested in.

Jung is a class act as far as mail-order nursery stock, in my experience. I've had a huge order with them almost every year for probably 15-20 years. Everything from fruit trees to strawberry plants to roses, dahlias, and other flowers. I've nearly always gotten superior quality stock from them, and the few times I was disappointed, they made it right with no hassle at all.

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