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anitadehoff(Z8 Seattle/sunset 5)June 7, 2006


I'm a home gardener and am in the planning stages for a cutting bed. I'd like to keep things basic. In terms of cutable flowers I have a 2' x 20' japanese iris area, three Redoute roses, a meyeri paliban lilac, a nikko blue hydrangea, about 50 tulips, a dozen alliums and 9 peonies.

The cutting bed I'm preparing is 10' x 12' and gets direct sun from late morning til late afternoon. I'd like to plant perennials such as

crocosmia (Lucifer)

white calla lilies

1-2 dinnerplate dahlias

1-2 semi cactus dahlias



asiatic lilies

am I getting in over my head? Can you suggest some easy perennials for cutting?

I also have a semi shade bed, and am considering japanese anemonies, do these do well in a vase?

Thanks in advance,


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Sweetfolly(Z 5 ME)

Hi there! I know that you may like perennials because they seem more permanent and less to care for, but you might not be considering the fact that you should regularly pull them up and divide them. This can be more work than you think!! You should consider some annuals for your cutting bed. They are quicker to grow, more prolific ( when you cut them they come back just as strong in most cases ) and there are more colors and shapes to choose from. Plus you have the added bonus of changing the look of your bed each year! For easy cutting, try Rocket snapdragons in all colors ( plant extra white for accents ), cosmos ( which will keep coming back and looks GREAT at the back of a cutting bed! ) and Zinnias. Dahlias are great, but the dinnerplate ones are just too overpowering in a mixed bouquet. Most of the plants you say that you have are Spring flowering..the ones I've suggested will keep you going thru the Summer ! You can also check at your local florist and order some bunches of babies breath for a more professional look when you entertain or give a bouquet as a gift. Good luck , and happy cutting!!

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bluestarrgallery(zone 7 GA)

I have several yarrow and salvia which repeat bloom for me and so does coreopsis and caryopteris and I have always liked Echinacea. This year I am trying an old favorite rudbeckia triloba and helenium, both bloom later in the season. And there are lots of different varieties of penstemon which are great for arrangements - I am trying Huskar Red this year. I never had any luck growing anenomies - so I can't say about them. Feverfew can reseed but looks good as a filler flower in arrangments.


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