Black friday @Lowes/HD

Microthrix(9)November 20, 2012

Just a Quick ?-

Does anyone know if lowes or HD sell plants for cheap on black friday?

Thanks in advance!


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Not really Lowes usually has a discount plant rack hidden somewhere in the store. The out of season or closer to dead plants hit the discount rack before they toss em out.

For some areas and soon all of them Home Depot has 3rd party sub contracted there plant dept to some supposedly "gardening experienced company" that comes in and sets up in store displays swaps new plants in and older/ out of season not as lively ones are removed by them.

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I don't care for the way HD does their plants. I found three plants in one of those combo C&S dishes with 2 plants turned to mush and dead (I wanted the Sans that was left, not really a succulent in my book but I still wanted it). When I asked about getting a discount, I was told that I'd have to take it up with the company that supplied the combo dishes in order to get a discount, otherwise, I'd have to pay full price for the item. *Huff*

I've gotten a handful of clearanced plants at Lowes, sometimes you have to get there at just the right time. For us, either the plants are far beyond hope, sometimes they're in really good shape but overpriced for a clearanced plant, and sometimes you find that special gem for a really good price and there is either nothing wrong with the plant or it's a little beat up (I love a challenge, bringing back a rough looking plant that I got for $1 or $2 is exciting). Sometimes a once a week trip is good enough to find something. :)


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I agree whole heartily it is an awful site for any plant at any big box store at any price, add to the dreadful looking plant the inferior knowledge speaking employees that appear to be ROBOTIC trying to sell them.
To get them far away from me, when asked I tell them I am looking for an Bernice Elephant.

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hijole(9 Sunny California)

I don't honestly think they want to lower their plant prices any more than they have them already, they would rather THROW them away------- :( I was at ummm H/D once and a whole shelf of succulents fell an crashed on the floor, I thought Omg !!!! those poor succulents, maybe they'll let me adopt them for a nice price and I could make everything more better for them. But nope! The vendor was on site , ( Altmans ) I offered to buy the big mess but they said, NO. and instead grapped a broom and shovel and scooped them all into a trash can :( I thought , WHAT THA...

That's my experience at H/D. Do I still go there ? Of course I do because they have good prices, although sometimes I find better deals at my local farmers market in town.

Right now anyways I have almost ran out of room period for anymore extra plants, but I'm planning to clear out some space and make room for the next big sale someplace -0-0- out there .


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The Lowe's and HD in my area both have a spot off to the side for orphan plants - usually half price. Lowe's has far more. I picked up a succulent basket yesterday at Lowe's for 12.50. It had more than 6 good sized plants, some ready to be divided. The downside was that the watering lady had just been by and it was soggy. I took it apart today to repot it and did find a few mealybugs. The fact that it was in a plastic lined basket impeded drainage. The basket will be used for something else.
I did end up with some nice aloes, echeverias, aeoniums, string of pearls, and an unknown plant which caught my eye.

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hijole(9 Sunny California)

Nice catch teach. I have found good deals on cacti soil mix on torn bags, like 7 bags for $7.00 but not on the succulents.

I noticed your in southern Calif must be your area because I had to watch my H/D throw them in the dumpster. :(

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You might be able to find on sale a "Norfolk Island Pine" multi tree cluster that has been sprayed with sticky stuff so glitter will stay on... buy before it gets dried out and starts to die.

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Norfolk Island Pines are far, far more forgiving than the high in-store mortality rate seems to suggest. I think it's partially due to cold damage -- they get frostbite quickly. When buying one, do make sure that it's not turning black under the stuff that's been sprayed on it.

All the succulents at Lowes are pretty much dead by this time of year. I was hoping to get some cheap mesembs but they were all mealy-encrusted messes.

Do they stop people from buying obviously dead cacti, by the way?

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cowgurl160(4 SD)

My local Lowe's has the smaller poinsettia's for $1 for Black Friday. Nearest HD is about 50 miles away so I don't really follow their sales.

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Hmm, i guess i really didnt want to go out on black friday anywho. Too much crazy people.

They really just sweeped them up and threw them away? I would have just fell on the floor and died...

Nearest HD 50 miles away? Thats really far... im used to having about 10 HD's and lowe's in a 20 mile radius.

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Right now is not the best time for big box succulents. The have just cleared the shelves for Christmas stuff. About a month ago was time around here. After the new year, Christmas cactus go cheap, and they restock some succulents. Then in March they clear the shelves for patio plants and such. Just before re-stocking seasonal stuff is when they discount them. That's how it seems to work in the Mid-Atlantic.

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Hehe @ crazy people.

I think it depends on how long they've had the plants IMO. Here C & S are on sale, but they've had them since say mid-Spring and most are dead and/or dying. I was lucky though to find a Mammillaria spinosissima in great condition for $1. But, those are pretty common so I guess that's not anything to get too excited about.


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Laura Robichaud

This year I've seen several nice yellow Thanksgiving cacti at HD. Not sure if they're stocking the yellow ones around the country. They've been pretty hard to find in years past. If I didn't already have one, I would've purchased one.

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I guess it helps to have conversations with the people that work there. Im in so much for all type of plants and other stuff for models that they know be by name. If succulent are dead Ill tell them and even get cuttings off of them. Although no succulent were on sell this weekend I did get 3 crapemyrtles for 7$.

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