Image hosting any suggestions?

allan4519(10a, Northern NSW Australia)February 5, 2011

Hi all, am looking for another site which allows free image hosting like photobucket? As currently am using a site that only allows image hosting for the day though does not create an account for re-use of images.

The strange hot humid very sunny weather today, has made image particularly purple colors a little off, not fully true to how they appear in the garden;

The following images were taken today;

Have been busy with commitments & family so am erratic about posting images, cheers allan

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livsauntieshel(6b/7a south PA)

I use's image hosting site. There's also flickr, and snapfish but I've never used those 2. Your photos are excellent, especially for those of us in the US dealing with a horrific winter. Gives us something to look forward to while we're shoveling feet of snow or sliding on thanks!

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Flickr is owned by Yahoo and it has a dahlia picture group with several thousand pictures of dahlias in it. The pictures vary from superb contest winning types to more average ones. They have a comment section for the pictures and if the picture is especially nice, it can win an award from various people and groups. Lots of fun to look at the pictures during the cold winter.

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allan4519(10a, Northern NSW Australia)

Thank you for the replys, livsauntieshel & teddahlia have opened a picas folder & am not sure how to insert image code?
Only placed a link to the folder at bottom of this post.

The flowers in this folder were taken today & are not as good as unusual, as this is the last of a week of hot humid weather with day temps 22 oC min up to 35 oC max each day.

Will try Flickr next, if I find picas difficult to post images from?

cheers allan

Here is a link that might be useful: Dahlia Images taken today 7th February 2011

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