Catnip in Floral Arrangements

alabama_jan(Zn8AL)June 14, 2005

I recently used catnip in one of my floral arrangements along with the tiniest purple dutch iris and Aloha roses. Made an unusual arrangment and my cats loved it. Thought I was going to have to 'glue' them to the walls before I got the arrangement to where I was taking it. I got lots of compliments and inquiries as to what the catnip was. The catnip holds up quiet well if you have never tried using it. I'd post a picture but I don't know how.

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KrazyKim(z5 MI)

I bought cat"mint" this year, now pondering if that would be useful in bouquets? Creative idea, glad that it worked!

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Noni Morrison

I am afraid that any customers with cats would be less then happy if their cats destroyed their flowers! Perhaps a "special bouquet" for Kitty?

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Perennial catnip holds well in bouquets but because the leaves are quite pungent, you need to use discretion about where the flowers will be used. They are not suitable for hospital bouquets or places where the recipient doesn't have the option of moving away from them or keeping them at a distance. And maybe not best on a dinner table.

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We use Nepata (Catmint, Catnip) in our bouquets in early June. We have faassenii 'Six Hills Giant' and faassenii 'Walker's Low.' Customers love the look of it in their bouquets. Seems we used alot of it this year with Sweet William. The blooms on Nepata have pretty much fizzled out. We have moved on to oregano. Love the look of that in bouquets too. The thing to remember with these herbs is they need to be hydrated. Otherwise, they wilt terribly.

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Marty_Maraschino(6b MO)

Along the same lines, my mom bought a beautiful bouquet today at the Farmer'a market with dill blooms and yellow and orange lillys. It will make a fragrant kitchen table bouquet imop. But then I love the smell of dill.

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KrazyKim(z5 MI)

I planted dill for that reason and used it in a bouquet lastweek. Funny, been hungry for dill pickles ever since, lol.

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Today the farmers market smelled like strawberries and dill. It was wonderful. I was so hungry. We do grow some dill for bouquets. It isn't yet ready. More than dill, however, we like fennel. It has a wonderful (there's that word again) licorice scent (it's actually anise; but, customers think locorice). It takes awhile to get established; but, when you eventually have it, you have it forever. Lots of times our herbs jump out of the beds and grow in the gravel driveway. I think they are trying to tell me they like it hot and dry.

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Rue makes a great long lasting filler too with that soft grey-blue foliage and gold flowers. Have read that foliage can cause skinrash for some folks but never bothered by it myself. I am careful to wash well after handling all plants, though. josh

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What kind of fennel do you grow that is a perennial? I put in some bronze fennel(perennial) this year, and am also growing florence fennel, but that's an annual. I love that licorice smell too.

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