Bearded Iris as cut flowers?

cottage_gardenerJune 20, 2006

I see a lot of members mention bearded iris in their market collections. Where I live, these plants are strictly bedding plants only as the blooms wither within 24 hours. What are some of the long-lasting varieties suitable for cut flowers?


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I use the large showy bearded iris in my bouquets, making sure that there are at least 4-5 buds, with one already open. I also tell my customers that as a bloom fades, to just snap off that one, and the others will open. One down side is the purple flowers as they wither, will leave a purple stain on either your hands, or a white table cloth should it fall off. I usually remind people of that. They are gorgeous in a bouquet, and when using them, I also put lots of other flowers around the iris to hold interest when the iris's are done. Right now I have siberian iris in many colors to go with them, white lychnis, astrantia, dianthus, painted daisy, valerian, trollius, tansy leaves, ect... The blooms of an iris are so beautiful, I don't think people mind the fact they have to pick off the spent blooms.

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Noni Morrison

Some of my customers love iris and look forward to iris season. Others find them a bother...folks who don't want to take the time to groom their bouquet. So the subscription folks who love them get them when in bloom...long stalks with lots of buds. I occassionally will put a branch with maybe 3 buds in my smaller stand bouquets but onlyh in some of them so people can choose if they want them. I try to stay away from any of the really inky ones to sell. Plenty of bright colors that do not look so gruesome as they wither.

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